Climbing the Mountain

I feel like I have been climbing a mountain for a very long time and arrow after arrow has hit me right down to the ground even after supernatural help to carry me further to walk that I’m crawling up…

Still your hand has helped and held me and kept me from falling…you put angels around me and people who are angels in the form of friends to help push me up this mountain…whatever This mountain is, I may not know its name BUT IT WILL BE CONQUERED…

My heart has taken many a beating but its coz I let it… I put it out there but now I place my heart in your hands above and you have protected it and kept me through but I will Love hard, and pray hard, because your intimacy is sweeter than wine…

I don’t care where I am but also the frustration to get out of where I am weighs me down but I am thankful that the Lover of my soul is good and knows how to bless my heart. I am thankful… I am thankful… I refuse to be ungrateful….But I love you Jesus. Thank you for being the secret friend that no one sees. Thank you for being my heart when I am breaking… Thank you for being the Belief above reason and being the strength of my Soul up this Mountain….

Can’t wait to see this view. It’s gonna be EPIC.

Keeping it Real ‪#‎Peace‬

The Elected Lady xx


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