About The Elected Lady

This is Me. My thoughts. My dreams. My ideas. Its about my journey as and when I go along this journey called life…

Elected Lady is the meaning of my name.  Music is both unique and is the language of the world and its spiritual in every way…but one doesnt confine themselves there. So this Blog is an opportunity to explore and to cross threshold boundaries of creativity as I believe that beyond the sky is the limit- Limitless. Hope you enjoy my journey however exciting or boring or depressing it may be…It may at times be quite intense, but lets explore creativity and Music together….Review, reflect, refract, report and Revisit as we progress steps, leaps and bounds together…

This is Me. My Thoughts. My dreams. Come away with me and enjoy this journey called life.

song of the month:

be inspired…


8 thoughts on “About The Elected Lady

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  3. You don’t fail to inspire me and give me more passion to continue to write songs about our Lord and the amazing one He is. Keep striving through, colabs with us are coming our way! Xxxx

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