Month: September 2012

a glimpse of me: What’s keeping me moving on my ipod/spotify/youtube at the moment?

Okay. So it looks like I’m beginning to get a hang of this blog-thing or whatever. I’m just gonna consider it my diary…post when and if I feel like it so I apologise in advance for any long breaks in between blogs…I find I tend to write usually when I’m under the influence of Inspiration to write!

Just a quick note and reality check first: If you’re looking for someone who’s the witty funny type?  Then you’re probably reading the wrong blog and you’d want my sister (first class at banter and wit! my goodness…she’d out do me anyday…oh and Lewis if you’re reading this I’d say you match her…just. lol). Though, I do like a good laugh and banter (regular laughter is good for the soul- you need it! it doeth good like medicine! a very agreeable alternative to alcohol #justsaying…), I’m not your usual most humorous of people. Sorry to disappoint! woops! shock shock horror! Wasn’t I suppose to say that? Oh well. If we’re going on this journey together, I gotta be truthful from the onset right? oh what? GASP! STRIKE ME NOW! 🙂

Anyways, I’ve often carried a reputation as the one who was always “serious” and “intense” but I really relaxed over the years…I’m just a very passionate person- passionate about God, Passionate about people and passionate about life. And hey, guess what? I really couldn’t care less to be honest about what most people would think anyway. I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out how to please people. You just end up miserable anyhow…

Needless to say, others somehow would consider me the “radical” type…whoops, I might get myself into trouble for being “radical” lol. Oh well. couldn’t care less about that either. I often tend to experience the extremes when it comes to things, life and general challenges that are thrown at me- depending on what they are and I don’t always find the middle ground (and no! don’t worry I’m not schizophrenic if such a thought crossed your mind…! #themindisapowerfulthing)

So whilst I leave you to think, ponder, discover, scatch-your-heads-trying-to-figure-out-who-the-heck-is-this-girl and what I’m about, I thought I’d share about a couple of tracks that have literally been on replay on my ipod, itunes, spotify and youtube accounts!

This first one above is a track by Jon Thurlow called Divine Love (Jaye Thomas did his version and i fell in love with the song even further ~ he just gospelled it up lol). Now, I absolutely looove Jon Thurlow! Shame, no I mean, It’s a BLESSING that he’s married I think! (She says nursing her wounds of a broken heart and entreating God’s mercy wilst seeking to do her penance…lol) I just love this guy!!! He soooo gets it musically. He’s such an amazing musician.

Oh and there’s another one! a guy called Cory Asbury! Now He’s amaaaahzhing! I so love him too. I know,  know! Shouldn’t be allowed to drool….and for the “religious” folk out there, please forgive my insolene and my moment of carnality….

But, seriously?! These guys are incredible musicians and their teams are great. In case you don’t know who I’m referring to, these guys lead worship full-time at Internation House of Prayer aka IHOP, although I understand that Cory’s has left after being apart of that ministry for 8 years..?? Anyways, retracting back to my point, tese songwriters and prophetic minstrels are totally used by God to capture sounds from heaven, that for some, may sond like religious jargon and mumbo-jumbo, but for me? They are gems- Jewels and Kisses from the lips of heaven to a dying earth , carrying with it healing and a tribal, heavy and unique alternative sound (again for some, you may consider that ,most songs just resound sameness so what’s the difference with their music.)

However, the intricate simplicity of the lyrics carries its organic richness as its full of personality in the songs it creates. Some of the songs have come out very poetic for example again, Jon Thurlow’s “Storm all around” (please check it out! I recommend it, especially for those who Soak. It’s only 7mins 13 secs…not long at all! It’ll pull you into pure worship…if you want to that is…) which carries you along their journey whilst activationg your imagination and Senses; as one listens to the echo and power of not only the classic playing of the piano, but the resounding lyrics and the amazingly fresh modern drummer who beats the drums with a heart beat of emotion; unknowingly capturing the sound of the music whilst carrying the song to the next level.

Or how about the “fusion” song on the ‘One Thing’ album, my beloved? You see, that mix of metal-rock/hip-hop flare blends well with amazing voices whilst impacting the soul – again with the power of words.

The words of these songs for me don’t just ring a “nice” song but, they resonate deep truths that reverberate through my being that can only encapture the LOVE SOUNDS of a new generation who are Fierce, Furious and Passionate. Being Passionate about a love that is abstractly difficult to articulate or describe becomes the bedrock for songwriting, echoing and describing this LOVE in song…its the song that captures that emotion. It is these truths that are written in and on te pages of, which many consider sadly to be a dead and ancient book with no relevance today, of which when somehow brought to life has a lasting effect on the subconsious brain,~ as the impact of the revelation from those words grow strangly dim yet overwhem and ridiculously deep there’s a chance to get the new sounds out!!! I’m excited for ow it sounds and what it would be like…

Well folks, that’s what I perceived anyways when I was listening to these songs before I considered the technicalities of te songs and the track sequence i.e. the structure; layers; flow; combination; simplicity; instrumentation…and you know the rest…

On the Other hand, you might perceive these songs totally different in comparison. Perhaps you might even consider me to be totally bonkers, nuts, barmy and stark raving mad that I would feel and read into these songs in this way when “its just a song” that happens to be pretty good. Well, whichever way we look at it we have music that impacts us in different ways.

But for those of you wo are musicians wit a passion, you get and understand wat it feels like to romance a song and experience te ravishing bliss  or raging waters of music as though it was one Big Love Affair…

Anyhow, I’m digressing and most probably because I’m tired and its late and I really should have left this til later but had to write under the inspiration whilst it was there… yeeah (in bugs bunny style) I’ll pay for it later…

And so concludes my thoughts on the current music on my playlist at this precise moment in time! Thank God for youtube,itunes and SpOtIfY!!!!! You are awesome- Acknowledgments are good…

Final Words…

Yes and Finally, please respond and let me know what you’re thinking  as I’d be really interested  as to see your trail and journey of songs that connect with you! Take Care, Keeping it Real- Loving you; Loving JC, I AM THE ELECTED LADY! PEACE XX

Welcome to my world…

So, I’ve just stepped into something new… wow wee! so I don’t know where I’m going but its sure going to be an interesting ride so its firstly so good to see you join me on it!

Baby steps for me are required to step into this world of Blogging-with-a-difference. In case you don’t know, I used to blog but I kinda got bored and lost along the way when I realised that I can only really write under inspiration or when I feel inspired to write. At the moment in my journey called life I’ve embarked on this course to pursuing a lifestyle of working from a place of rest. Its requiring discipline and focus but its helping me decide what matters, what’s important and what can be thrown out and cast away.  It’s a Spiritual journey and no I’m not one of those crazy gurus but I have been called crazy, weird and all sorts but its been a journey worthwhile and many who join with me recognise that life as normal is not normal!

Anyways, I decided that in this season of my life where I’ve completed Uni, then completed a gap year in Youth Work and Missions (which I still intended to continue this year…) I would focus on my passions and make them a reality as I have started to put action to my dreams. Yes. Action. A cliche-ic word so overused, yet so profound. However, many have yet to realise and actualize this tool to produces the fulness and fruitfulness to their dreams. See, from a young age I’ve always been very creative. Whether it was musically, Cookery, Artistry or whatever I always found that it kindled a fire that began to burn and very quickly, I realised it was a fire that would have to fight to stay kindled and ‘fanned- into- flame’.

How the heck was I going to do this? With so much discouragement, and the current climate being a total turn-off and a deterrent for anyone who would seek to step and launch out into the deep without guarantee? (in case you’re thinking about it, do so at your own risk!)

Well firstly, with the help of the BIG MAN UPSTAIRS…and then surrounding myself with good coaches and mentors who have insight and foresight to assist and push me towards my goals and hard-work with prayer and research, are the key ingredients to taking steps to actualizing one’s dream….Oh how I love to Dream!!! Life throws its punches but by reviewing songs, artists, all sorts it will give me a glimpse into a new world that can not be grasped from the surface at the face value climate of the “Music Industry” et al.

So I started putting this to practice and to action and today I bought two domain names for a website…woop woop!!! I’m so excited!!! Then I set up this blog and did so much today that I’m beginning to see things as  a possiblity and a reality. Who says we can’t do the impossible? Well in this life you gotta believe in the Possibility of the Impossible. Write the vision. Make it plain. So when you read it, you can run (wise words from Habbakuk ~correct if I’m wrong)….

So I’ll just finish with an open question, what music grasps your soul that you know that you are catapulted from one level to another realm…?

That is all. Feel free to respond.