Month: April 2013

Ten Ways to Gain Initiative by Giving Authority

wow. This is interesting food for thought! #leadership!

Leadership Freak

authority is permission to act without permission

Ineffective leaders seize and hoard authority; successful leaders give it. Those who cling to authority loose it. Those who give authority gain authority.

Authority is permission to act without permission.

Control freaks never inspire initiative. The more they control the less initiative – acting without permission – others take. Inspire initiative by giving authority.


Giving authority enhances your authority.

Releasing others to act apart from your direct guidance motivates them to seek your guidance. Delegating decisions enhances commitment to you and your organization.

People who believe they matter act like they matter.

Giving authority:

  1. Train and equip to handle authority effectively.
  2. Begin slowly.
  3. Establish structures and systems that guide and limit authority.
  4. Give decisions to those impacted by decisions.
  5. Create titles. Titles convey authority and they don’t cost anything.
  6. Create revised, temporary chains of command based on organizational context and team member competence.
  7. Publicly explain new authority.
  8. Establish the…

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Born to Be Fragrant

check it out in case you missed it!!


Born to Be Fragrant

Hi Guys! It’s been a While! I’ve been in France gallivanting in schools and eating good food and also doing Mission – working with locals in the area and doing hard work from a place of stillness and Rest. I will talk about it later in another post so watch out for it.

Anyway, today’s post is about Fragrance…

Fragrance: How many of us love perfume or cologne? we just love the smell of that person that walks by… It’s attractive and it does something weird to our brains. But how many of us know that we ourselves are to be a Fragrance in the world that we live in? For so long I get called crazy, weird and all sorts and get really lovely comments too but today I realised what people were describing was is a fragrance. So I came to this conclusion:

We are fragrances that…

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Sign Interpretation for your Next Trip to Asia…

haahahaha gave me laughs and a good insight into #healthandsafety!

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

Every now and again I find signs which must be shared. These are necessary in order for you and your loved ones to remain safe and healthy while visiting Japan and perhaps other places in the neighborhood. Please study diligently as this may be the only explanation you receive.

Sign Location- The Great Wall of China. WARNING. This sign is X Rated.


Luckily we didn`t run across any naked flames while hiking the Great Wall. I warned Offspring #2 that should we see any naked flames I would be forced to cover her eyes quickly and without warning lest they burn her eyes.

Truth in Advertising. The population with the highest number of octogenarians is in Okinawa. It`s not due to green tea, exercise, diet or any of the other factors recently highlighted in longevity studies. It`s the condition referred to as “Wild Health” produced by consuming Coke Zero. …

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