It’s about time I blogged again. Pure prose. No pictures. Just talk. I have been fighting the urge to write for over a year now. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to properly document my ideas and thoughts. I thought whatever I write it won’t be enough. There is always a […]

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Black Dog Blues

Originally posted on Nauticulture:
Monday evening and I’m feeling exhausted. I’m tempted to reach for the sugar, the crisps, the chips and anything else unhealthy that I can get my hands on. Monday evening and my motivation levels are in my boots and  holidaying there it seems. This isn’t just Monday blues, I’ve been feeling…

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Icelandic commission rules video of mythical ‘Loch Ness’ sea serpent ‘is real’

Originally posted on Metro:
http://youtu.be/MmMjODN1x6A A video of a creature described as Iceland’s Loch Ness Monster has been ruled to be real by a commission established to investigate after the video went viral in 2012. The eerie video seems to show a gigantic scaly creature swimming through the lake water – and was shot through…

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