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funny and brilliant read from my friend. good piece of honest humour for the morning!! xx


20 things I have learnt about myself, my twenties and life in my twenties

My music taste may fluctuate from time to time, but there are certain bands that I will always run back to, with open arms, declaring my love to them forever and ever.

Life is too short to not have a sense of bloody humour. And if you don’t understand someone’s sense of humour, just laugh anyway.

I should read more autobiographies.

Don’t hate the things/people you don’t understand. Research and educate yourself.

Hugging the floor in times of tiredness or crisis (or both) is definitely okay.

Not making my own dentist appointments because I’m too afraid of speaking to someone I don’t know on the other end of the phone is not okay.

The grass is absolutely NOT greener on the other side.

Train stations are the best.

Train rides back home to Manchester are better…

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On “Never Forgetting”

Deep food for thought. It’s made me rethink my stance and my perspective on the “US” vs “Them” idea and it convicts one to repent. Remember, we all sinned and all for short, but for the Grace and Mercy that United us all through the Cross, we’ve received forgiveness of Sins. So therefore, morally, whether we hold the ‘high moral ground’ or not, we are different yet no different to others. In fact, instead of holding the lines and grounds for division, we’re exhorted to rather pray and cry for Mercy. Although “us” and “them” is a reality, altogether we are all “us” and part of “us” is sick. So we ought to pray for one another…

These are just some of my thoughts as I’ve read through this article. Certainly given me food for thought…
True we must never forget the impact and the things that happened during this season in 2001 but in the element of not forgetting, let it not be tailored by a lust for revenge, and a desire for Unforgiveness. But rather let it be tailored with a heart to forgive, a desire against INJUSTICE, with a heart to pray and let God be Judge.
Check this article out and let me know your thoughts!

Keeping it Real, Shalom!
The Elected Lady xx

The Blog of Andrew Arndt

At the risk of causing serious offense – a thought on this, the 12th anniversary of 9/11.

Like many, September 11, 2001 is a day I’ll never forget.  The phone call from my wife about a plane crashing into one of the WTC towers.  Then the images.  An all-university convocation for prayer. The lines backing up out of the gas stations.  More images.  Time standing still.  We were blindsided out of the sunny skies by a force we were only dimly aware of.  The day – and days that followed – were filled with unimaginable grief, tales of heroism, and a new national resolve.  “Never forget” became the watchword.

I suppose that when people say “Never forget”, they mean different things.  Many are simply remembering the fallen – a good and right thing to do.  But I get the impression that for others “Never forget” means something entirely different.  Or…

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Groom made hoax bomb call to his own wedding venue because he forgot to book it

wooow! conviction of his conscience got him real good! I mean who does that anyway? forget to book? that’s just funny and quite embarrassing. Aww bless him. Well, it goes to show people that u gotta make sure in planning a wedding that you ACTUALLY BOOK the VENUE! PLEASE! You’ll save yourself the embarrassment and a whole lotta heartache!
Anyway, its stories like these that remind me that its the simple things in life that keep life comical and sometimes bizzarely funny. Yup. It’s the simple things….

As ever keeping it real! (well, at least until my next proper post and I will write one as soon as I get my writing mojo back…hehe :p Thanks for your patience. In the meantime enjoy this article)

The Elected Lady xx

David’s Tent: 3 Reasons it Just Gets Better

As Allan says “It Just gets Better!!” I could give you more reasons coz I can talk for England (your cue to laugh…) but I’ll let Allan give you 3 reasons why David’s Tent and life as a believer just ” Gets Better…!”

Keeping it real as always! Peace!
The Elected Lady xx

What's God's Point?

So I know it’s been a week since David’s Tent ended, but I’m finally getting to a place where I can somewhat explain what actually happened, but after a weekend of 72 hours of worship and 14 hours of sleep I think some recovery time is understandable. You’re lucky I didn’t try to write a blog last week because I think it would have just looked like random spiritual jargon and I might have even resulted to drawing strange pictures in an attempt to express what words couldn’t.

Anyways, David’s Tent was once again incredible. With nearly 3,000 people in attendance (3 times the size last year) coming from all over Europe just to spend time in worship together. There were salvations, restored relationships, new freedoms found, new identities discovered and so much more. In the aftermath such an epic event you really have to wonder, “where do we go…

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