Month: August 2013

When wedding shoots go wrong, horribly wrong: Groom hit in face by quadcopter-camera

looooool. The ‘Copter dashed the guy in the face. I was initially feeling shock when I read the headlines until I watched the video. When I watched it, I just burst out laughing!!! wow. EPIC FAIL!! I wonder, would you try this at your wedding??

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Love Encasing Pearls Vintage Inspired Long Necklace

B-E-A-Utiful!!! x

Symplestuff in Life

Love is the opening of the heart

The welcoming of your beloved

Loving is not secure

Authentic loving is risky

Security lies behind the walls of a closed heart.

You either invite the union by opening in love

Or you secure the isolation by closing down


Extracted From: Message From God


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My emotional world, externalized: Jon Ronson talks to Eleanor Longden

TED Blog

By Jon Ronson

In 2010, I made a radio documentary about Eleanor Longden for BBC Radio 4. When I heard that TED was doing a talent search — looking to give the TED2013 stage to people who might not normally have access to such a place — I thought of Eleanor. I told the TED people about her, they auditioned her in London, and she got through.

Doing a TED talk is very anxiety-inducing. You have to stand in front of people like Al Gore and Bill Gates. Plus people keep telling you it’s the most important 18 minutes of your life.[ted_talkteaser id=1544]In my year, 2012, Susan Cain was doing her introvert talk and everyone kept saying, “Oh she’s so brave giving a TED talk when she’s an introvert.” But when I was chatting with Susan Cain backstage, I was the one so nervous and fidgety I destroyed…

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Why Fitting In Doesn’t Work

This is too on point! Learn a lot out of this. mind you I personally think that there is a benefit in both fitting in and standing out…its not always bad being the sheep! mypatternofthought…

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