Month: August 2013

When wedding shoots go wrong, horribly wrong: Groom hit in face by quadcopter-camera

looooool. The ‘Copter dashed the guy in the face. I was initially feeling shock when I read the headlines until I watched the video. When I watched it, I just burst out laughing!!! wow. EPIC FAIL!! I wonder, would you try this at your wedding??

As ever, Keeping it Real!
The Elected Lady xx


Love Encasing Pearls Vintage Inspired Long Necklace

B-E-A-Utiful!!! x

Symplestuff in Life

Love is the opening of the heart

The welcoming of your beloved

Loving is not secure

Authentic loving is risky

Security lies behind the walls of a closed heart.

You either invite the union by opening in love

Or you secure the isolation by closing down


Extracted From: Message From God


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Why Fitting In Doesn’t Work

This is too on point! Learn a lot out of this. mind you I personally think that there is a benefit in both fitting in and standing out…its not always bad being the sheep! mypatternofthought…

Keeping it Real, Peace!

The Elected Lady xx

Leadership Freak

Leaders choose to emphasize people or organization. The former celebrate individuality, the later accentuate fitting in. One fits the people to the program; the other fits the program to the people.

Both are necessary. But, balance between the two isn’t possible. One always wins. It’s stylish to say, “People first.” But for the most part, that’s window dressing. However…


People first produces best results.
The celebration of conformity is the path to obscurity.

After alignment with organizational mission, the question isn’t where do you need to go today. The question is where your current people take you. How can you best utilize their unique talents, strengths, and passions?

Stop making them fit in.
Create environments where they stand out.

People as priority:

  1. People before plans.
  2. People before processes.
  3. People produce results.

Leader as follower:

People frustrate when they don’t, won’t, or can’t submit. But, leadership isn’t getting them to do…

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