It Pays to be Patient!

It Pays to be Patient!

It Pays to be patient. It pays to not freak out. It pays to be diligent in seeking. Because in seeking You will find. It Pays to be FREE! Here’s why…

My Laptop messed up yesterday and basically all the apps had been turned to internet explorer. In the past I would have totally freaked out and pretty much be close to a breakdown (so overly controlled by my emotions) but I chose to remain calm. This was when I really knew I’ve been set free from being held under control by my emotions. It’s liberating and confidence building.

Anyhow, I kept trying to use all the apps and finding my way round and I did for the mean time whilst I was looking for ways to fix my laptop. I got to a point I was beginning to get distressed and decided to take it easy and give it a rest overnight. This afternoon, I’ve been trying to still fix this laptop until I found the help page on Microsoft to find someone had a similar problem (all the other troubleshooters were useless for Windows 7) and someone had put up a link that would help fix it. I felt let me give it a try and YAY MY LAPTOP is FIXED (not that you would care much but its the principle of it all…just saying) !! I’ve got all my apps back! I’m so haps right now!! See? I told you. It pays to be patient. keep trying. ‪ It the simple things‬ in life that give us the most profound ‪simple lessons‬ – life lessons‬ that are transformational.

Whatever it is you’ve lost or whatever it is you’re seeking for, keep your peace and be persistent. Like I said before, “It Pays to be Patient…”

As ever Keeping it Real, Peace! 😛

The Elected Lady xx


One thought on “It Pays to be Patient!

  1. Yyyyyeah! So good. Thankful that God is using the little things to prepare us for the bigger things. Fruit of the Spirit is good fruit indeed! Love this. X

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