Dad answers daycare questionnaire for baby daughter and lists ‘rapid digestion’ as a strength

looool. I always admire people who have witty wisdom when it comes to stupid requests or genuine simple-mindedness. This father is in my eyes one of the few legends (well a bit excessive) who uses humor and wit to describe his baby’s response to a questionnaire. My shock is the fact that the day care centre had lost all sense of common sense by asking a parent to fill out a baby’s questionnaire on it’s behalf when clearly, a baby couldn’t answer such questions! I mean, WTF???

So here’s some wit for you. Hope you enjoy as I did. Honestly, this time metro, this news was pretty good…

As Ever, Keeping it Real!
The Elected Lady xx


Filling in self-appraisal forms is a cringeworthy nightmare at the best of times, but imagine how hard it would be if you were only 11 months old.

That’s why a father whose baby daughter was sent home with a questionnaire to fill in about herself felt the need to help her out. By filling it in himself. With some truly excellent answers.

Asked what little Emma’s interests were, her father wrote: ‘Food as art/clothing, long yells on the beach, firmly gripping dog’s hair, exploring parents’ noses with fingers, dawn every morning without fail’.

Among her strengths, he listed: ‘obfuscation’ and ‘rapid digestion’, while he detailed that her goals included ‘unplug all the power cords’ and ‘inflict sleep deprivation on my parents until such time as they acquiesce to my every whim’.

The friend of the witty dad, who posted a copy of the questionnaire on Reddit, said of the…

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