‘Thoughts on a funeral.’

wow. is all I can say. lots of food for thought…. Pay attention and think about it and let it speak to you. Be open…
Elected lady xx

Grace for the road

My friend Clare had a vision she was going to die young. Three weeks ago, she went suddenly to be with Jesus.


It was time to face it.

I was standing on the High Street of my former hometown in England, breath freezing in the afternoon sun. I pushed the door and went in.

They’ve turned my Starbucks into a Paperchase. I do not approve. But I’m finding it hard to be the level of bitter that I’d like to be.

I actually like Paperchase.

I didn’t mean to buy anything. I was really just there to say goodbye to the coffee house I used to call my second office. But the next thing I knew I had a purple felt journal in my hand and I was handing over money.

“So purple’s your favorite color,” the girl at the till said, gesturing to my fingernails. Purple.


It is.

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