Groom made hoax bomb call to his own wedding venue because he forgot to book it

wooow! conviction of his conscience got him real good! I mean who does that anyway? forget to book? that’s just funny and quite embarrassing. Aww bless him. Well, it goes to show people that u gotta make sure in planning a wedding that you ACTUALLY BOOK the VENUE! PLEASE! You’ll save yourself the embarrassment and a whole lotta heartache!
Anyway, its stories like these that remind me that its the simple things in life that keep life comical and sometimes bizzarely funny. Yup. It’s the simple things….

As ever keeping it real! (well, at least until my next proper post and I will write one as soon as I get my writing mojo back…hehe :p Thanks for your patience. In the meantime enjoy this article)

The Elected Lady xx


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