Groom proposes to and marries girlfriend on same day using her Pinterest page

Now this is just beautiful…
I always wondered if this still happened but it obviously does!! Fantastic and wonderful. This shows the heart of the man and happiness of a Bride.

I hope this gives some of you ideas! lol!
keeping it real, Peace!
O Lord send me mine…
The Elected Lady xx


Romantic Ryan Leak made sure his wedding to Amanda Roman was the social event of the year.

The 27-year-old proposed and married his partner on the same day after secretly planning their wedding using her ideas on photo-sharing website Pinterest.

She ‘repinned’ more than 220 images on a page called ‘My Dream Wedding’.

Mr Leak heard his partner, 25, tell a friend she wanted to be engaged and married at the same time.

‘Amanda basically planned her dream wedding without even knowing it,’ the motivational speaker said.

‘Planning a whole wedding is unbelievably daunting, so Pinterest was amazing as it enabled me to pick exactly what Amanda would have liked.

‘I always knew I wanted an extravagant wedding, but I never anticipated doing anything this drastic.’

He whisked his fiancee to Miami for a ‘holiday’ and got down on one knee to propose. After she accepted, he took her to…

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