LIFE – A School of its own!

Hey Guys!

Here’s a throw back tune from one of my favourite music artist! Des’ree did one of my favourite songs that was the theme song for Romeo and Juliet with my fav actor *ehem* you guessed it….Leonardo DiCaprio!

This song got me thinking though…about life. About learning. and Here’s what I’ve found which is now my facebook status…:

School is optional but learning is compulsory. You are always a student no matter how young or old you are as you’re always learning. This one school we’re all participants in is called LIFE. LIVE IT WELL. LEARN from your mistakes, LEARN Lessons that will govern your future, and look up to the giver of LIFE who will lead you into ALL Truth and TEACH you for He’s the greatest teacher of them all…He is LIFE.

That’s been my mantra today to be honest. I woke up and this was the message that was put in my heart. I knew it was encouragement for me especially when racing this Marathon called “LIFE“.

Be blessed, be uplifted. Be Childlike. its the only way to learn and gain wisdom and to graduate the school of Life. Solomon said it best when he said “Pursue Wisdom. And in all thy getting, get UNDERSTANDING” Prov 4:7 (paraphrased)

Happy Tuesday!

Keeping it real, Peace!

The Elected Lady xx


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