An opportunity for a Divine appointment with your journey…

An opportunity for a Divine appointment with your journey…  (click here)

"You never know what treasure you'll find..."
“You never know what treasure you’ll find…”

People always ask me what I think about dating sites. Well I often avoid responding to such questions because there are so many differing views on it and most who prefer the traditional route of meeting people face-to-face and it can often be the subject of much debate. I think the key thing for me is to stay close to wisdom and follow God’s leading. And hey, if he leads you to online dating site, then hey! So be it!

Nevertheless in this case, I just wanted to share this link with you, especially for Christian singles who are aiming to meet their life-time partners or even to connect with other singles in general. It is such a fantastic way to meet new people especially in the age of Facebook, Twitter and the like (you name it), its such an amazing opportunity to pass up on. Established by a very good friend, It’s a very fresh look and different take on your average “dating” website and it’s so easy to use and its blessing many people already. I tell you, its fruitful ground!

I know most people, especially Christians shy away from the idea of looking at dating websites and there are others who “swear-by-it” but I believe, if one is led by God, it is a creative and wonderful way to meet new people! So check it out!

There will be more about this page later! So until then, why not explore whilst you are led by your Spirit  to a divine opportunity of connecting paths with Someone linked with your destiny…You never know the treasure you might find…

As ever, keeping it real, PEACE!

The Elected Lady xx


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