I have the wonderful opportunity as holding dual heritage in that I was born and bred in the UK and fully British, but I was born to Parents from the motherland Ghana, also affectionately known as “Black Stars” and originally “The Gold Coast” before that fateful day. Had it not been that my parents were sent as missionaries to this nation, I would have been born and raised there. But there’s a blessing in being part of the most diverse and colourful background.

So today its not about Inspiration, but rather its about remembering the First Nation of Africa to gain Independence from British rule, and recognising the celebrated bond that ties Ghana still to the commonwealth of Nations. It’s a time to say thank you to God for the Queen of England who signed our release. Its a chance to also celebrate the wonderful friendship we share as two separate nations who serve one another with love and grace.

Yes, although there are many political issues and controversies that threaten our existence or the bond that unites me on many levels, I choose to celebrate where I came from in my heritage and celebrate the Land I was born into. I celebrate the flag. And, I celebrate the 56 years of struggle and hope that a nation that was torn by war and manipulation because of its natural resource of Gold, went through!

So to conclude, may God bless Our Homeland Ghana. And May God save the Queen of England. That’s my story. Best of both worlds. Please join and help me wish Ghana Happy Independence day!

keeping it real, Peace!

The Elected Lady xx

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