wow. just wow. the beauty of music….transporting you to another world. That’s what this instrumental has just done. And as Donovan boldy states “it evokes an emotion” and “makes your braver”. Well, I certainly feel braver, like I’ve been sent to a time with the First nation people eg. The native Americans. I kinda feel like Pocahantas…

That’s the power and the value of pieces like these because they take you to another word for those few moments where reality and life as you know it stand still and far behind you. It like a deep connection on a journey to find you. However, as to whether the artist who composed this piece was thinking on those lines, we will never know but until then enjoy this piece!
You know as ever, keeping it real, Peace!

The Elected Lady xx

Donovan and the act of musing

Because I know that music makes you braver, and evokes emotion in a person. I will weekly list a track that moves me. I’m going to ask you to do the same. What music moves you to write, evokes emotion? Inspires you…to write. Create.

Here is a piece that has inspired me to write a Novel about a young man and his tribe in a African/ desert nation.

Literally I kept listening to this song, and the ‘star stuff’ gathered. I have a basic plot, names and histories of families formed, and the physical layout of the world map all materialized.

It’s a sweeping, beautiful epic piece.

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