The End of an ERA…. HERES TO 2014!!

The End of an ERA.... HERES TO 2014!!

This year has been a whirlwind of a year for me. Probably the most intense so far. Strengthened friendships, lost friendships, and gaining of old and new friends this year has been one of the most emotional learning curves I’ve had. Secondly, Came under one of my hardest health challenges this year which has been ongoing But the Lord has truly seen me through and although there are still more appointments to come, I am confident that this year ahead will bring greater things.

Great trials I’ve faced this year but God placed a good support network around me even though many times I felt alone and didn’t know who to trust. But Trusting God, and letting him show me who to trust has been an amazing yet daunting walk. Tiredness hit me hardest this year too and I was the most busy and at times very lazy. But again, I overcame. 2013 has not only been fruitful, It has been a year where I’ve had to overcome A Lot. 2013 saw us lose a young person tragically and it broke my heart, and family members But the faithfulness and strength of people brought out treasures in the midst of uncertainty and darkness.

2013, saw me work on my EP and take steps to moving forward with my music business and Singing at many different events and touring, MISSIONS and even Big shifts in Youth Work in General. These changes sometimes really hurt and got me real confused that I couldn’t see where I WAS going. I even struggled to write and even process through my thoughts. And yes, many plans I had at the beginning of the year did change…

But I can certainly say 2013 brought out favour and brought out a confidence in me I never knew I had and I am more determined than ever with God to breakthrough 2014. My life has been on the line at different occasions, but its been worth it for the sake of knowing Him and to see others move forward.

I may not have seen exactly what I wanted to see this year but I certainly laughed my way (and cried) through it!!! I am so grateful for what 2013 gave me and now 2014 reveal yourself!! Thank you to all of you who have been on my journey with me, whether through my blogs, or my never-ending-postings on facebook or in person! I appreciate every single one of you even the haters! You’ve all given me something to learn about this year….. Now here’s to a New year!!! 2014 HERE WE COME!!! The elected lady keeping it real! XX


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