Paralympian who lost legs as a boy rises from wheelchair to dance at wedding

This is so beautiful and touching!! xx


A Paralympic wheelchair athlete who lost his legs in a boyhood train accident has danced for the first time in his life – at his wedding.

Nathan Stephens had not worn his artificial legs for years as it was agony to walk on them for long.

But he strapped on the prosthetics to secretly practise steps with Charlene Beard before the couple amazed friends and family by taking the floor for the traditional first dance on their wedding day.

Gasps were followed by cheers and applause as Mr Stephens twirled his bride across the room. ‘I wanted to dance with Charlene more than anything but not pushing myself along in my wheelchair,’ he said. ‘We practised for eight months in our living room and no-one had a clue.’

Mr Stephens, 25, was just nine when he tried to jump on a passing freight train, losing his left leg at the…

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