Married to a lie? (click here!)

Married to a lie? (click here!)

Hey Friends,

How y’all doing? cool! hope you’re all great. It’s a great day to smile. 😀

Today I have something for you to look at…

So my friend put up a post on facebook about something he read entitled “Married to a Lie?” and as intrigued as I was I checked it out. Wow. It was spot on and struck a few chords with me. Some of it was more thought-provoking. For example, the writer writes:

“I recently spoke to a few housemates, and there seems to be a continuous bug in my ear (or just a pain in everyone’s backside). Its that question of, “where is this woman that I’m meant to be with, that I’m drawn to, that loves me for who I am?”. As I have thought on this question (for them and for myself), I started noticing something that I have seen while in school this past year. Many singles share that they are wanting a mate, but some quietly share an underlying fear that if they get married, all their dreams die, unless it’s a shared vision by both…”

This has got me looking now even at some of my subconscious thoughts that are possible underlining fears to verbal expressions to what I’ve been looking for. This guy goes on further to explain that such thoughts are a lie. And this is the crux of his message and he explains it in a way I haven’t quite thought of before. 

Does it sound interesting yet? Check it out! check the link above! 😛 all y’all need to do is move the mouse onto the link above and click and read… 3 minutes of your life to give you tools and nuggets for life!


As ever, Keeping it Real!


The Elected Lady xx


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