Born to Be Fragrant

Born to Be Fragrant

Hi Guys! It’s been a While! I’ve been in France gallivanting in schools and eating good food and also doing Mission – working with locals in the area and doing hard work from a place of stillness and Rest. I will talk about it later in another post so watch out for it.

Anyway, today’s post is about Fragrance…

Fragrance: How many of us love perfume or cologne? we just love the smell of that person that walks by… It’s attractive and it does something weird to our brains. But how many of us know that we ourselves are to be a Fragrance in the world that we live in? For so long I get called crazy, weird and all sorts and get really lovely comments too but today I realised what people were describing was is a fragrance. So I came to this conclusion:

We are fragrances that release either, life or death, victory or defeat. Therefore, as fragrances that release different smells, we are to smell like LOVE to our Neighbour (and that’s everybody) (it’s also the Fragrance of Jesus), Smell like a STENCH in the nose of the Enemy the Devil and to all WICKEDNESS, and Smell like a Fragrant INCENSE to Our God who’s HOLY and JUST and True and is LOVE. It doesn’t matter whether people like your smell or not. What matters is that you are not stale and that you release the fragrance of the Father who created you to make a difference in the world you live in. It’s simple. BE YOURSELF!

As always, Keeping it Real!

Peace, The Elected Lady xx


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