Easter Season bringing home Home-Cooked Food

Easter Season bringing home Home-Cooked Food
Want to know more, please ask! HAPPY EASTER!!!

So other than writing poetry, I’ve been missing home-cooked Ghanaian food. So I thought, Well if I can’t go to my mum’s, or Ghana to eat Fufu, then I go bring Ghana to me by my own HANDS!

My hands have been anointed for fruitfulness! Therefore my cooking needed to move up a notch, and seeing as people at church and family members have been wanting to grade me on my cooking to test if I’m good “Wifey” (er-hem) material, I decided that these past couple of weeks, I would explore my own heritage and culture and cook accordingly, food that I haven’t consumed in a VERY LOOOONG TIME! (well aside from Jollof Rice that is!)

Here are a couple more pics of my cooking (For recipes please feel free to comment below and I will happily oblige you with ingredients…although I cook from memory and with heart, it might be difficult to give you measurements…SOWI!):

warm hearty food for cold weather and EASTER!!!!
warm hearty food for cold weather and EASTER!!!!


good food for just flavour and different from you’re usual… aaahhh I love food! XX

So for one last request: ANY MORE TAKERS??

Keeping it REAL!! Peace!

The Elected Lady xx





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