Are you Scaffolding?

Are you Scaffolding?

Often times we may feel others have been placed around us as scaffolding to help us in our hour of being “under-construction”. However, have we ever stopped to think that we are sometimes scaffolding for other people? If we take time to assess the purposes of why we are in each others’ lives and find that we are like ‘scaffolding’ to them, then it might be time to exercise wisdom and consider how long we are meant to be there in their lives for, or if it is a relationship worth keeping then how we can transform from being scaffolding, to being apart of their foundation/building/lives…

In seeing and saying this, it brings me to this thought: We must be careful how we cut away from the people that we are scaffolding to otherwise we could be a contributing reason for their demise or success. How we cut off can either help and heal a person or cause damage and wound the person. It can produce good fruit (however uncomfortable it may be) for not only the individual but also for one’s self. Therefore, if you know you’re coming to the end of a season of being in One person’s life then I urge you to leave in Peace, and don’t abuse to the point of wounding because the repercussions of your action can turn out to be a stumbling block for the one who is building their lives according to the plan which has been blueprinted from the beginning…

Let us help one another build and not tear one another down with God’s help. Thank you! ‪

As Ever,

Keeping it real! Peace!

The Elected Lady xx


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