The Illusion of “FRESH-START” aka “NEW YEAR; NEW ME…”

Many of us will dwell in the land or the illusion of “fresh start fever” for the next few days – few weeks even, but may get a rude case of the”Fresh-start” HANG-OVER quite severely depending on the situation, place and persons that are there!

Yes, We’ve been given a Fresh YEAR and it is a fresh start to some extent, however, it doesn’t totally erase the experiences of 2k13 which were vital to our learning and growth and preparation for 2k14. In fact, starting a New Year is about continuation. A New chapter in our book called “LIFE”. In fact, this chapter is chapter 2014 and for this chapter to make sense, there will be some overflow situations from 2013 that show up in 2014 because we are still in transition and tying up loose ends that have overflown from 2013.

So my encouragement for this year is to stay focused and to not lose heart if it feels like there are no sudden changes. It is how we respond as each circumstance comes along and setting realistic expectations and goals mixed with Faith and Prayer, that enable one to experience a sense of establishment in the midst of uncertainty.

For some, its just another day and things are all mapped up, but for the one who can’t seem to see clearly where they’re going, this one’s for you. This is for the one who’s had a really rough or challenging year, and this is for the ones who may not have it all together but DREAM. Now use this chapter and blank page to write your most riveting story for the year and let it include God for He’s the best story writer that I know…

We have an Upper hand with him for 2014 trumps 2013 every time! I’m “faith”-ing about this year…He’s certainly turning our Hope into Faith, and our Hope shall not be disappointed because of the Love of God shared abroad in our Heart! Romans 5:5

keeping it real, The Elected Lady xx


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