Day: November 16, 2013

Sexism ain’t sexy

I will let the writer speak for herself. Enough said. Claire’s basically put to words more constructively what I’ve been saying and thinking (probably over emotionally as in me) for a loooooooooong time (those who’ve seen the show Miss Jocelyn will get the joke of looooong time lol). Please read this insightful post and don’t forget to check the Sterling University article or clip that sparked this intense female ANGER.

Thank you, good night, and Keeping it Real. Peace.

The Elected Lady xx


I am so horrified that we are still dealing with sexism in this day and age…

(As a disclaimer I feel I should probably say that I don’t make ranting my day job but, if I did, I’d probably have a lot to say ;). In all seriousness, it’s an issue that has always got my blood boiling and why should my opinion not be expressed? Men, please don’t be offended. I am not demonizing you, nor do I feel that every man responds in exactly the same manner. But, discursively speaking, I have a feeling you will all relate to a lot of what I’m about to say…)

We’ve advanced enough as human beings to be able to find ways to perform organ transplants, build prosthetic limbs and even catapult out of the bloody STRATOSPHERE in a tin can and yet still there are people in this world who…

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