Day: June 20, 2013

On Apples and Oranges

Leadership Freak


Understand leadership roles by comparing leadership to something else.

Leader as:

  1. Glue: connecting people to each other’s dreams.
  2. Curious monkey: seeking and creating clarity with courageous questions.
  3. Bulldozer: pushing through barriers by exploring resistance.
  4. Prognosticator: predicting the future by seeing patterns in the past.
  5. Coach: building winning teams.
  6. Road sign: calling for alignment.
  7. Instigator: challenging accepted beliefs and behaviors in order to confront stagnation and create something new.
  8. Guardian: protecting resources and progress.
  9. Mentor: sharing useful experiences that guide.
  10. Magic Eight Ball: making decisions.
  11. Police man: correcting, enforcing, and holding accountable for the common good.
  12. Partner: sharing the load by honoring and leveraging strengths.
  13. Magnet: attracting followers by focusing on shared values.
  14. Communicator: conveying relevant information that empowers.
  15. Servant: seeking the success of others.

Leader as curious monkey:

My favorite comparison is curious monkey. The trouble with questions is they create confusion, at least at first.

The path to clarity…

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Sykose Extreme Sports News

Stephen Murray at the 2001 X Games in Philadelphia, Pa. (left), and at the Stay Strong compound last month in Riverside, Calif. (right).
X Games BMX Dirt gold medalist Stephen Murray, who suffered a career-ending injury that left him paralyzed below the shoulders in 2007, released a video this week that shows him moving both of his arms. The development comes almost six years to the day since Murray was injured at the Baltimore Dew Tour stop on June 22, 2007.

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How to Prepare for the Spartan Race and Other Mud Runs

This looks like great fun! I wouldn’t mind trying this out!!
keeping it real!
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Sykose Extreme Sports News

So you want to try a mud run? Great options for beginners are races that come in at the 5K distance like the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race Sprint, or other short-distance obstacle runs. Many of these events require you to scale walls, scramble over cargo nets, leap over fire and crawl through mud. Here’s some advice.

Forget about timing

Regardless of how many 5Ks you may have run, forget about projecting a finishing time. Instead, use your first obstacle course race as a benchmark for the future. Course conditions on an extreme run can change dramatically based on location, weather, and the wave of participants in which you find yourself.

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