Celebration is connected to your fruitfulness…

Celebration is connected to your fruitfulness...

So, I was talking with my mum today about the weekend events that took place recently and discussed how she received a prophetic word that she’d been pondering on. And this had to do with Celebration. She had seen how God had placed such an importance on Celebration and festive seasons and how it was connected to fruitfulness.

A perfect example to illustrate this came when I took a look at the connection in my family. An aunt, as a child was always celebrated right through to adult life. Whether it was celebration of birthdays, or grades or whatever the occasion, she was just celebrated. And out of most of the siblings in that family, she’s the one that has progressed and been the most prosperous amongst us.
However, another person in our family who was never celebrated, always put down and ignored had the opposite effect. In fact, not being celebrated brought this cloak of invisibility and simply a curse. It didn’t allow this person to come into their fullness and the fruitfulness of who they was created to be.

I recognised then, that from this situation it wasn’t enough just to be tolerated or to just be there, but that it was also important to be honoured and celebrated. As I pondered this I also saw that even Businesses prospered the most during festive seasons like Purim, or Christmas, Passover or Easter. I saw why God placed about 12 different feast days in his Resume and why he’s restoring these days in an age where critical attention is being given to feast days and celebrations.

So what am I saying? Well here’s the crux. As I discussed this topic at length with my mum, we realised that being fruitful was in direct connection with celebration, which we found the enemy fights to block one from being fruitful. Why? Because Celebration is gratefulness to God. Gratefulness for what he’s done and what’s ahead. It is the key that unlocks the door to one’s fruitfulness.

So Celebrate whatever the occasion! Mark milestones. Don’t hesitate. It connects you to doors of fruitfulness. Be Fruitful and multiply…

Keeping it real, Peace!

The Elected Lady xx


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