Love it….enough said.

The Better Man Project ™


When Nature wants to make a man,

And shake a man,

And wake a man;

When Nature wants to make a man

To do the Future’s will;

When she tries with all her skill

And she yearns with all her soul

To create him large and whole…

With what cunning she prepares him!

How she goads and never spares him!

How she whets him, and she frets him,

And in poverty begets him…

How she often disappoints

How she often anoints,

With what wisdom she will hide him,

Never minding what betide him

Though his genius sob with slighting

And his pride may not forget!

Bid him struggle harder yet.

Makes him lonely

So that only

God’s high messages shall reach him

So that she may surely teach him

What the Hierarchy planned.

Though he may not understand

Gives him passions to command.

How remorselessly she spurs him

With terrific…

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