Welcome to my world…

So, I’ve just stepped into something new… wow wee! so I don’t know where I’m going but its sure going to be an interesting ride so its firstly so good to see you join me on it!

Baby steps for me are required to step into this world of Blogging-with-a-difference. In case you don’t know, I used to blog but I kinda got bored and lost along the way when I realised that I can only really write under inspiration or when I feel inspired to write. At the moment in my journey called life I’ve embarked on this course to pursuing a lifestyle of working from a place of rest. Its requiring discipline and focus but its helping me decide what matters, what’s important and what can be thrown out and cast away.  It’s a Spiritual journey and no I’m not one of those crazy gurus but I have been called crazy, weird and all sorts but its been a journey worthwhile and many who join with me recognise that life as normal is not normal!

Anyways, I decided that in this season of my life where I’ve completed Uni, then completed a gap year in Youth Work and Missions (which I still intended to continue this year…) I would focus on my passions and make them a reality as I have started to put action to my dreams. Yes. Action. A cliche-ic word so overused, yet so profound. However, many have yet to realise and actualize this tool to produces the fulness and fruitfulness to their dreams. See, from a young age I’ve always been very creative. Whether it was musically, Cookery, Artistry or whatever I always found that it kindled a fire that began to burn and very quickly, I realised it was a fire that would have to fight to stay kindled and ‘fanned- into- flame’.

How the heck was I going to do this? With so much discouragement, and the current climate being a total turn-off and a deterrent for anyone who would seek to step and launch out into the deep without guarantee? (in case you’re thinking about it, do so at your own risk!)

Well firstly, with the help of the BIG MAN UPSTAIRS…and then surrounding myself with good coaches and mentors who have insight and foresight to assist and push me towards my goals and hard-work with prayer and research, are the key ingredients to taking steps to actualizing one’s dream….Oh how I love to Dream!!! Life throws its punches but by reviewing songs, artists, all sorts it will give me a glimpse into a new world that can not be grasped from the surface at the face value climate of the “Music Industry” et al.

So I started putting this to practice and to action and today I bought two domain names for a website…woop woop!!! I’m so excited!!! Then I set up this blog and did so much today that I’m beginning to see things as  a possiblity and a reality. Who says we can’t do the impossible? Well in this life you gotta believe in the Possibility of the Impossible. Write the vision. Make it plain. So when you read it, you can run (wise words from Habbakuk ~correct if I’m wrong)….

So I’ll just finish with an open question, what music grasps your soul that you know that you are catapulted from one level to another realm…?

That is all. Feel free to respond.


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