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Living an Authentic Life.

Living an Authentic Life... for me is such a powerful post that its giving me even more confidence to do what I love and to be who I am regardless of judgement. It didn’t have to be ‘religion’ induced but what Tracy shares is something that I feel most bloggers are afraid of. Just being open and candid or sometimes fearing the feeling like “I talk too much” to “I’ve shared too much” or “I’m being totally irrelevant with no real focus”.

What she says is inspirational and is a lesson in itself because, by expressing her ability to “Live an Authentic Life” it in turn exhorts me to to continue and grow in being honest, open and authentic in everything I do or write regardless of judgement or opinion. Check out her post and let me know what you think….

I’ll catch u later with some more things to share that’s on my heart!

As Ever, Keeping it Real (K.I.R)


The Elected Lady xx


“There is no pa…

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

~Nelson Mandela

Of the people I want to see before I “Kick-the-bucket”, Nelson Mandela is  the one man I want to see. Full of wisdom and inspirational quotes, and a man well acquainted with grief and sorrows, it is a miracle that he remains alive to tell the tale of how he prevailed against a struggle that took decades to overcome. And yet he Overcame.

Nelson Mandela is an overcomer, and he’s an example of what a hero is! #reallylovethisquote

Keeping it real,

The Elected Lady xx