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Ecstasy state of Mind

So candid, truthful and open! Please read my friend Chi’s post. Most of us will definitely relate! AAAAND as you know me, I’m all about “Keeping it Real” and it don’t get much realer than this…

Keeping it real! Peace,

The Elected Lady xx

Chats With Chi

Life is tough

Life is hard

Life makes you smile

it can also make you cry

but its the journeys that make us who we are.

(And What!!! I’m a bloody poet don’t hate :P).

Recently peeps, life has thrown a lot of poo in my face not literally how ever hilarious that imagery could be! It’s just been hard, I know it’s not just me who feels Le struggle we all have our trials — some more than others. I always aim to  come on here trying to write empowering paragraphs and uplifting verses but sometimes it’s not so easy to take that route. We all need to vent in some shape or  form or an epidemic of imploding Homo sapiens will incur. This is  not a woe is me situation or a pity party it’s just me being open enough with you to share an honest journey through parts…

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The First Step

The First Step.


This is just an honest account my my friend Chichi about Change. It’s her first post so guys I urge you to follow her and watch this space for a good journey of laughs, thoughts and other shenanigans! It’s the First step…click the link above! You know me, as always : Keeping it Real! Peace,

The Elected Lady xx