Tyler Perry Interview about Abuse (Inspiration Thursday)

Many men, boys and threshold men (not-yet-a-man-but-not-a-boy-either)  are hiding secretly as it seems to be the taboo that no one can talk about. Whilst its becoming increasingly common that women are coming out and talking about their situations (although women’s testimonies and young girls appear to be a drop of water in a huge ocean of untold stories), guys seemly have this secret code that they shouldn’t talk about their experiences because of the shame and the feelings of being less than a man.

So today, I want you guys to watch this especially the fellas out there. If you are going through abuse or have been through abuse, tell someone! It doesn’t make you less of a man but rather it shows you are a Man and a well respected one at that! I respect Tyler Perry a whole lot more for coming out with such courage and telling his story and the wisdom of timing he took to finally share it. And I respect You. You are a Man. Women don’t go through it alone. I know. I’ve been there. But men, don’t go through with silence. The Lord is there to help and so are people. Let’s smash taboo and create a culture of transparency…only then can we really deal with the Spirit of Shame that lost its power on the Cross at Calvary– the Ultimate shame that bought OUR FREEDOM!

Keeping it Real, Peace! The Elected Lady xx


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