Month: October 2013

David’s Tent Wrap Up!

Pure and Testimonial!!! It’s people’s lives and their stories that get me. We all were at the same venue and same event but different journeys and different places! We all lead different lives and so different stories occur and this difference is what celebrates the creativity of God and mankind! I love Sarah’s awesome honesty and excitement about David’s Tent. It’s Real. It’s Fact. Its what happened. Check it out!

Keeping it Real as ever,
The Elected Lady xx


Glory in the Journey

It was such fun! Am glad I was at David’s Tent! You guys check it out. My friend is so real and candid!
as ever, Keeping it Real! Peace
E.L xx

This Beautiful Dust

I’m convinced more and more that we need less books and classes on sonship (although they are nice sometimes) and more of just letting the Spirit himself impart truth and work in us as we spend time in His presence. One of the coolest things I got to see last month at David’s Tent was this verse taking place in front of me- adoption. I got to see people who once lived with an orphan mentality of slavery and fear letting go and getting to know their great and holy Father. David’s Tent was not a conference. It wasn’t an impartation seminar or a healing room or a counseling session. We were even advised not to pray over or minister to anyone we didn’t know because these 3 days were to be completely focused on the Lord, not on what we might get out of it. But the crazy thing…

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